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Welcome to Dragon Films, one of many websites dedicated to providing you with movies made by directors from all over the world using the program Microsoft 3D Movie Maker. From this site you can download hundreds of 3DMM movies, read movie reviews, find answers to 3DMM questions, download 3DMM utilities, and much more. Dragon Films: Dreams have become reality.

February 8, 2014 - The Dragon Films Historical Archive

After waiting for far too long, I finally managed to dust off the old Dragon Films code, fire up an ASP server, and convert all of the old Dragon Films content into a series of static pages that can be put back online. We'll call it the "Dragon Films Historical Archive," as it's basically a snapshot of how the site existed since the last time it was updated with new content nearly 10 years ago, complete with all of the old movies, reviews, comments, movie posters, classified ads, and Ask the Dragon questions. While I do not plan on making any further updates to the site (you can get all the latest 3DMM-related shenanigans at 3dmm.com), I do want to make sure that those who were around back in the good ol' days can once again come take a walk down memory lane and maybe even watch some old gems.

Some technical notes: since everything here is static content, all of the "interactive" features have been removed (namely, anything that involved typing into a text field, such as submitting feedback or performing movie searches). Since movie browsing involved dynamic code, I've dumped all movies into a single Theater page so you can simply use your browser's text search functionality to find a movie you're looking for (warning: the file is on the large size, especially with all the old and extremely heavy HTML markup I used back then, so it may take a moment or six to load). You can also get a text-only index of everything on the Movie Listing page). However, as a throwback to the good ol' days, I also made individual pages for the different "theaters" (Fantasy, Action, etc.), just because. Finally, all e-mail addresses have also been removed to prevent spambots from eating everything.

So, if you've been around he block a few times and are coming back to relive the past, welcome back. And if this is your first visit to Dragon Films... welcome! It was a fun ride, and I'm glad you've come to see it.

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