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This page contains all of the comments about movies on this site sent in by viewers like you. To see comments about a particular movie you can browse through this page or click on the Comments icon next to a movie in the Theaters.

00 Dee BonedComments: 2 Jump to movie

"Dee Boned 1: This was pretty funny and a little slow paced but overall, it was a very good movie. Not the best movie ever made but a nice watch if you're a fan of James bond spoofs. This also includes a trailer for Hobo Talk 2. This is good but not great, its a nice movie that I enjoyed watching. My rating: 7/10"
-Geoff of Beach pictures

"Dee Boned 2: This movie was fantastic! There were lots of creative parts, too. There wern't any voices in this Dee Boned episode but it was still better than the first Dee Boned. Fans of the series will be sure to check out this movie. My rating: 9/10"
-Geoff of Beach pictures

007: Unleash the DragonComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Very impressive. Despite it not being finished, I have learned a lot from this movie. I recommend that you watch it and look at some of the wonderful scenes constructed by Frogman. Those who are looking for an intense storyline will be disappointed as it is unfinished, but those who want to improve their 3DMM skills should check this out. Well done Frogman."
-Benjamin Lee of Capella Studios

3DMM Christmas CarolComments: 1 Jump to movie

"It was awesome! Mike and Justin made this movie both true to the story AND funny! They have to create more of these starting with weird stories like Goldilocks that deserve to be punished!"
-Marc of Videoman Studios

411Comments: 1 Jump to movie

"¡Exelente! La mejor pelicula. Me mata de le resa jajaja que no hay segunda parte!"
-Ash of Tobi movies

911Comments: 1 Jump to movie

"This movie is good (though I think it's more of a comedy than an action). The Beat It scene was hillarious... the end was funny too with the old guy in the wheelchair... but the animation was very poor on all accounts. The scenery was not at all very good and he used MIDIs. I give it a 3/5."
-Boris of Lincoln Productions

Alternate VlarionComments: 5 Jump to movie

"There is little else I can say about Alternate Vlarion that I haven't already in my review of Alternate Vlarion 3. Yes, it is THAT good. Not only does the Alternate Vlarion story weave a completely original saga the likes of which I have not seen in any 3DMM movie until now, but it does so with style. The animation is superb. The scenery is awesome. Even the music kicks mad booty. Believe me when I say you will enjoy Alternate Vlarion (and the whole Vlarion/Uprising story)... it is quite possibly one of the best movie series on Dragon Films. Congratulations, Aaron."
-Greg Strnad of Dragon Films

"All I have to say is wow. Aaron, you've outdone yourself this time! I don't know how many other alternates their are now, but Alternate Vlarion 2 was GREAT!"
-Fallout Productions

"Alternate Vlarion 3 is THE best fantasy film I've ever seen (although Ultimate Epic comes very close). I love the Vlarion films and an Alternate version is a great idea! If you like the Final Fantasy games or if you just like fantasy movies... heck, you don't even have to like fantasy to like this... Vlarion will make you feel like you didn't waste your money on the Internet at all! Download NOW... YES, NOW!"
-Will Slade of Spiral Pictures

"Whoa. This is utterly AMAZING. Everything from the Cauldron Bomb sequence to Dask vs. Brian... Aaron is AWESOME."
-3DMM Digital

"Jesus, Aaron!!! First A. Vlarion 1 and now this while going to college?!!! Keep up the good work, you've got the talent for 3DMM like I never had, so keep it up for those of us that have good stories but no 3DMM talent."
-Matt of SilverBlade Inc.

The Big Blue PlanetComments: 2 Jump to movie

"This guy has a great sense of humour, he makes smart, witty comments about the situation. The jokes are funny, but not insulting or on aybody's behalf. I hope this guy makes more movies like this, for my sake."
-Mason Ward of Halloween Bunny Films

"A superbly funny and comical movie! For real laughs, download this now!"
-Will Mason of Mason.Works Entertainment

Big Warrior DoodComments: 1 Jump to movie

"The whole scene wih preparing the mighty Bongo. Just classic! Also, you can't go wrong with a character who's called Anal Retentive Boy and is obsessed with bacon."
-Lord Yobtar of Pyro Productions & Amazon Films

Breath of FireComments: 1 Jump to movie

"This is really a good series so far. The storyline is really great, it doesn't just rush into action-action-action, there's really a plot to the movie, and twists and turns. And the "hero" of the story isn't some ultimate being that was born being unafraid of everything and better than most normal people, instead he's fairly realistic of a hero, and faces some realistic problems (with fantasy attached, and no, I can't explain that better)."
-Cool Kid of Cool Kid Productions

C.O.P.SComments: 1 Jump to movie

-SuperSonic Pictures

ChasersComments: 2 Jump to movie

"I thought Chasers was a very interesting film. I thought the package that Seth wanted so badly would be some weapons. I didn't think it would be a bomb to blow up him and his companion."
-Henderson Films

"The movie chasers was quite a strange film. It had a very strange plot and charaters. I compare it to the film Natural Born Killers which was a movie directed by Oliver Stone. Chasers has a lot of killing but very good camera work. Overall I though it was ok."
-Jack Lansing

The Comical ShowComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Brad, I know you're my neighbor and all, so I'm not gonna go easy on you. I loved it. The HMS could've been better though..."
-Ryan Omega of Omega Films

The Cop who Took On DraculaComments: 1 Jump to movie

"This movie was great! Download now!"
-MM Co.

CosmosComments: 7 Jump to movie

"Hey, I think Cosmos was great and I'd like to see some more episodes of it!"
-Tophat Productions

"Very good. Alberto ain't one of those directors who quits easily."
-KTS Industries

"This series totally kicks ass!! A job well done."
-Jeroen van Eden of Paradise Studios

"VERY nicely done. I've never met a storyline so far that really confused me as to what was going on, it has many twists and turns to keep the story interesting. This was a really good movie to watch."
-Cool Kid of Cool Kid Productions

"Holy smeg! This series was total kickass! I have seen all 9 episodes and boy are they good (except for a few slip-ups)! I think that if I were to go on with how good it is, I would end up putting too many exclamation marks on this review! Smeg! Smeg! Smeg! Keep up the good work, Alberto! Keep 'em coming until either a) the story finishes, or b) you cannot physically do them any more!"
-Explosive Pictures

"I really enjoyed the Cosmos series. I have watched every single episode. There are some flaws, but all 3DMM movies have flaws."
-Ian Livingstone of Ian Software

"I love Cosmos. It is definitely the best Sci-Fi series out there. Too bad Albero stopped at Episode 9."
-MM Co.

Counter Attack!Comments: 2 Jump to movie

"This movie was so explosive I could hardly stand it. It kept my eyes glued to the screen until the sweet final showdown that really showed off 3DMM's power. A superb flick!"
-Landon Pemper of Pemper Cousins Productions

"Not a bad movie. Could have had better scenes, but I did like it."
-MM Co.

Dark LATOComments: 1 Jump to movie

"I thought this movie was a little poor in creation, but it's not that bad. For some reason, its quite fun to watch; nice ideas here and there... the battles would have been nicer to watch if the characters didn't go from standing to jumping half way through the air in one frame. Overall, 7/10."
-Will Slade of Spiral Pictures and X Productions

DrugheadsComments: 6 Jump to movie

"Drugheads was an extremely good movie. The animation was exceptional and I would very much like to see a sequal to this amazing movie. Congratulations Robert Domke."
-Aaron Nassau

"This movie puts all other action movies to shame. (Alberto) Its nice to see fellow Directors taking the next step. (Whitney) This will be an instant classic for future movie lovers to look back on. (Andy) Movie angles and story like you've never seen!! (Justin) Damn… (Dan)"
-Planet Productions

"This is an excellent movie. It has great sounds and great special effects. Good stuff!"

"I thought Drugheads was a great film. It's a film that you want to watch more than once. Spectacular film."
-Meetervision Entertainment

"I liked Drugheads becose it has great animation and hand-made scenes."
-Jeroen van Eden of Paradise Pictures

-X Production

Final Fantasy VIII... the Legend ContinuesComments: 22 Jump to movie

"I would like to congratulate Greg Strnad for his work on the Final Fantasy 8 series. The movies were all pleasing to watch due to their quality animation and attention to detail. Well done. The story was well presented in the 7 parts which can be veiwed right here on Greg's site."
-Aaron Nassau

"I just LOVED the Final Fantasy 8 series! It was the best movie series that I have ever seen! Make another series like it please!"
-Intamago 47

"Well I would like to say that the Final Fantasy series was just great and I think that Greg Strnad should make another series like it!"
-Alberto Munoz

"A real nice storyline to watch as it unfolds. I perfer to watch it the way I did it. Watch an episode a night, gives that real serial, what's gonna happen next, I can't wait until tomorrow kinda feel, and with this movie being what it is you can't wait for, that's just fine and dandy. It's not like they have a new problem to solve every episode; it carries on and ends and the exact right moment to leave you hungry for more. One downfall is that later in the movie, battle and magic scenes are all but forgotten about and replaced with hard to fathom techno jargon. I think the GOLD Edition should put those things in layman's terms or something. I sure hope the legend continues…"
-Huges Twins Studios

"A very intriguing storyline! Who would think that a 3DMM movie could get stretched out so long!?!"
-Chris Hughes

"I really liked the Final Fantasy 8 series. It had great special effects, and a very interesting storyline! The action scenes were spaced out, too, just so that one would not get bored. What a great movie!"
-Miles Dahl of M.E.S. Pictures

"I would like to say that this series was just tops! The BIG thumbs up!!!!"

"It was a very good concept of what life is like after FFVII. Greg has really gave it that Final Fantasy atmosphere. One of the best films of all time. I put them all together on one movie and cut out the to be contunued stuff… all together it runs at 1 hour!"
-KTS Industries

"Final Fanstasy [VIII] is a great movie and I'm glad it came out."
-Nick Maund of Nick Maund Movie

"Very nice series! The magic blasts were awsome, the storylinewas great, and it all fit together in a perfect series. I can't wait for FF9!"
-Cronet Studios

"Hip-hip! Hooray! Hip-hip! Hooray! And ya know, I'd get too tired of typing if I were to go on with what this movie deserves in the hip-hipping and hooraying scale! This is a must-see! Wow! Whoa! Wozzles! Woozles! How the heck did Greg do this? How? Greg, how? How long did it take to develop that dang storyline?! Again, just please watch this movie! No swearing, not too much violence, and no graphic footage or anything! Most people think that's the enjoyable stuff, but I don't! And even though, for you violent gory addicts, this movie is STILL awesome to watch! My younger brother, Mike Wilken, says that it's the best movie he's ever seen! Not just on 3DMM, but in his whole life, combining TV stuff and computer stuff! Way to go Greg! That's how we do that now!!!"
-Jeff Wilken of Futureworks Entertainment

"The Final Fantasy series was the best set of 3D movies I've seen. I hope Greg makes either a new series or a full-length movie."

"EXCELLENT series! Amazing!!! 5/5 stars!!!"
-ARC Films

"There is little I can say that hasn't been said already, but that won't stop me from trying. This movie is EXTREMELY well made, with a very deep storyline and some great action scenes attached. Even people who enjoy just action will like to watch this movie for the fight scenes, while everyone else will watch for the story. A GREAT series, watch this now!"
-Cool Kid of Cool Kid Productions

"An awesome blend of adventure, action, suspense, and mind-blowing battle scenes. This was a series that will sure be sure to go down in history as a true classic to the 3DMM community."
-Landon Pemper of Pemper Cousins Productions

"I thought that the Final Fantasy VIII series has to be the best Sci-Fi movie series ever made on 3DMM compared to over 40 Sci-Fi movies from various other websites. The special effects were incredible and the story just blew you away. Well done Dragon Films."
-Jaymak Studios

"The Final Fantasy VIII… The Legend Continues Series was absolutely great. We think it's one of the best movie series which involve great special effects with a smart storyline!"
-JuiceBox Entertainment

"Hey, FF8 was an extremely well-done series! The use of the camera angles and the extremely FF-feel to the plot development and story complication worked very well, and a great use of sound and continuity rounded off the rest, making this one of my fave series of 3DMM! I would definetly watch FF Epic!"
-Griff of UltraFilms

"I liked this series. It was very good. Oh yeah DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!"
-MM Co.

"Man! I love this series! And it contains a lot of DF history in it! Keep up the good work!"
-Mako Productions

"I liked the story. I saw something similar done with the storytelling in a new webisode of Doctor Who (where they told a short part of the story each episode, ending with a cliffhanger each time). The animation wasn't too bad, but since then I've seen better (e.g. The Ultimate Epic). But still, not a bad job from Greg Strnad."
-Chris Palmer

"Best Sci-fi movie series ever, its old but still amazing! Greg has put a lot of great stuff into this movie series and I hope he carries on the good work and his good stories. My rating 10/10"
-Geoff of Beach Pictures

Final Fantasy... the Ultimate EpicComments: 15 Jump to movie

"FF Epic looks awesome, Greg, even though it's a Prologue. I can't wait until it's finished, which will probably be a little while. Anyway, keep up the good work!"
-Broken Studios

"I must congratulate you on such a marvelous new film. The hand-made scenes are out of this world! I never knew that there were such clever people that are able to produce suce brilliant hand-made scenes… it's just amazing!!!"
-Canon Productions

"Very impressive! I was extremely flabbergasted by the animation. Yung Wun (me) was so impressed I had to leave comment on it's brilliance!"
-FU Q Productions

"After nearly two years of waiting for Greg to release another movie like his FF8 series, he finally did! I have to admit, even though the Prolouge's the only thing out so far, this is going to be great. Even in this short movie there's great special effects, and it's giving us a tiny peek of what the main movie's going to be about. I can't wait for the first Saga!"
-Miles Dahl of M.E.S. Pictures

"The Prologue made me, well, ghahahhs! That was the best movie I have ever seen!!!!! I can't wait for it to be finished!! That movie inspired me to make Die Hard, To the Bone. The FF Epic Prologue was soooo great!!! I love it! Keep up the good work!"
-Borderline Productions

"Niiice. You can tell this is going to turn out good. Like Greg said, it may be years before it's done, but those years will be worth the wait. FF Epic kicks mad booty."
-Aaron Haynes of Ultima Productions

"I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies! And you done it! I think you're the best! You are greater than William Maltby and Rysh Halliwel (or however you spell it…)!! Just wanted to say that!"
-Samuel Modig

"Whoa! Dragon Films certainly did a good job on this movie. A very good movie, for someone who likes Sci-Fi movies."
-MM Co.

"THIS IS INCREDIBLE. @($*&@*($. JUST THOUGHT I SHOULD LET YOU KNOW. WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! I would be here for hours, maybe even days, if I tried to express in words everything that is thrown into this movie. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE how Greg inserts his visual skills unlike anyone's into the most creative storyline ever!! If there is a perfect movie out there… and I mean 100% PERFECT, this is the movie. I can't find any flaws, glitches, story-mess-ups… or ANYTHING. Besides having nothing wrong with it… the good stuff is actually GREAT! Watching the Prologue several thousand times, I have been left with jaw hanging open in sheer awe and eyes bugging out. There is so much detail… so much color! I don't know what else there is to say. I guess… to sum it up… I would just like to congratulate you, Greg, on a FLAWLESS job. Keep up your hard work -- when this movie is finished it will be UNBEATABLE!!! No one can top this work. Alright. Hehe. I'm done."
-Jeff Wilken of Futureworks Entertainment

"This is one of the greatest 3DMM films I have ever seen, and it's only a Prologue. I can't believe that anyone could do such amazing masterpiece."

"I saw it, I reviewed it, and it rocks. 'Nuff said. Read the review here."

"Excellent, Supurb, two thumbs up (if only I had more thumbs.)"
"Great scenes, great animation, good voice acting."
"Greg Strnad of Dragon Films is the 3DMM Master."
-Elsurae of Imperfect Arts

"Holy... Best Movie EVER! 4 of years of work, wow, it was worth it. You are the best at making great movies. Keep up the good work. I'm eager for the next chapters in your movie."

"Amazing. Simply amazing. Incredible job here, Greg. All those years of work definitely paid off. This was one of the most entertaining, visually and action wise, and well thought out 3DMM movies I've ever seen. I can't wait for the next part, which I hope will be better than this one, though that will be hard to do."
-James Quicksell of Phoenix Films

"This is the best 3DMM film I have ever seen. I am a big fan of Final Fantasy and as you can imagine I have had a few disappointments with some of the, shall we say... lesser Final Fantasy Films. Ultimate Epic has a nice plot and good scenery, I really enjoyed this film and can't wait for another like it. 5/5"
-Ben Gray of A3dstudios

Funny ShortsComments: 5 Jump to movie

"This is the funniest movie that I've ever seen! Great film! I can't wait for the sequel!"

"Heehee… I get a kick out of the Judge Judy scene. I am looking forward to the next episode :)!"
-Smiles Entertainment

"HAHAHA! Very very funny series! I am impatient to see the next movie in the series!"
-Dwell's Production

"This series rocks!!!! Download it now!"
-MM Co.

"The funniest movie ever! I hope they make a new one, or I'll make it!"
-Jeff Ladd of Totem Pole Productions

GoombaComments: 3 Jump to movie

"I thought Goomba was a funny film, and despite the fact that it was really gory, my friend said that it was the best 3D Movie he had ever seen. I really liked how the Goomba moved and stuff. It was definitely a good idea to make it though. Who else would think of making a movie based on a part of a movie they had recently also made (Video Game Nightmare)? Really great film!"
-Miles Dahl of M.E.S. Pictures

"I think Goomba is a good example of how cartoon gore is not at all disturbing but hilariously funny."
-Jaymak Studios

"He he… a Goomba. Definitely a creative theme. Not to mention hilarious!"
-MM Co.

The GrinchComments: 1 Jump to movie

"The Grinch was a really really funny movie. Who would have thought that they could turn a Dr. Seuss book in to a hilarious comedy? Great film."
-Miles Dahl of M.E.S. Pictures

The GuesthouseComments: 2 Jump to movie

"Wow! This is one incredible horror movie. If you want shivers going up and down your spine, download this movie. If you want to knock down your house with the vibration from your shivering, watch this movie at night time! This movie really freaks you out! A definite download!"
-Will Slade of Spiral Pictures

"This film is VERY scary. It is the scariest that I have been able to find. It's hard to believe how scary a 3D movie can get, but this movie will totally freak you out. It scared the pants off me and ALL my mates. A definite download!"
-Craig Davies

Holy Poop It's ChristmasComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Wow! Tuna, you've outdone yourself. I loved this movie! You did a great job with the hand-made scenes, and the board game idea was great. I look foward to seeing your next piece of work."
-Ryan Omega of Omega Films

JDR RevivalComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Having been amazed by JDR Revolutions, I could not wait to see JDR Revival... and I was not disappointed! JDR Revival has it all. Action, comedy, and even a story! Its huge file size did not bother me and spending 45 minutes watching this great movie was a pleasure. Is it the same as Revolutions? No. In fact, it's even better. The story is surprisingly well constructed. In Revival, Boundless Ben has been spotted alive and Dominant Dan is on another quest, but this time, he has to find and stop Ben. This might sound rather unoriginal, but it is the twists and the shocks in the story that really stun you. There are plenty of unexpected plot twists that will keep you hooked and surprised and credit must go to Daniel here in this department. One thing that impressed me in JDR Revolutions was the great choice of music, and JDR Revival is no different. The music chosen was near-perfect, and even better, Revival now has voices! Many of the jokes work a lot better with voices and this is a very welcome addition. The quality of the voices are overall great, with the voices of Dominant Dan and Boundless Ben standing out. Visually, the movie is great too. The fluent animations are better than Revolutions and the scenery looks sweet. There is also plenty of action to keep you watching, despite a slow first fifty or so scenes. Do not get put off by the opening scenes, as it does pick up very quickly. Watching it a second time though, the beginning actually interested me. But the best thing about JDR Revival is the final battle. I will not spoil it for you, but trust me: it is amazing. It is possibly the best battle ever seen on 3DMM. The actual idea is original, clever and extremely well-constructed... you have to see it, full stop. Despite a sluggish start and with a couple of minor flaws with the voices, this deserves all the hype it is getting. JDR Revival is an improvement on Revolutions and fans of the first JDR movie must watch this. Me? Well, I love it and I can't wait for the sequel. Congratulations Dan, you deserve every positive review you have been getting! Final Rating: 96%"
-Ben Lee of Capella Studios

JDR RevolutionsComments: 4 Jump to movie

"Wow, this movie is stunning. One of the best I've seen, if not, the best. My congratulations go to Daniel Martin. This movie has inspired me to spend more time with 3D Movie Maker. This definitely deserves 20/20! More please!"
-Zaps of Capella Studios

"Woooo this movie is amazing. I mean the airship....wooooooo. The inside must be nearly impossible to do. I think that anybody who goes on this site should definately download and watch this movie. "
-Jonathan Wise

"The Bag of Tricks felt this movie deserved not 20, but 19. He felt that it was wrong to spoof things such as Star Wars, Final Fantasy, and people with poor spelling skills. The Bag of Tricks felt that this movie's plot lacked a certain something, although the overall story was good. Randomly poor attempts at 'humour' shouldn't have had a place in a movie such as this. Nonetheless, the Bag of Tricks felt that this movie was great. It had an epic aura about it, although The Bag of Tricks was shocked to find he was not mentioned in the ideas part of the credits."
-The Bag of Tricks of Woodland Enterprises

"This movie was fantastic. I'm really at a loss of what to say... every time you think you understand the angle of the plot, it does a 180 on you. Unclassifiable, unpredictable, and unignorable. If that's a word. You have most definitely earned this review: http://www.3dmm.com/bboard/showthread.php?s=&postid=784908#post784908."
-Aaron Haynes of Ultima Productions

Leo SwayComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Very fun and enjoyable! Comical and semi-realistic characters, tasteful humor, and an unexpected ending. I really liked it."
-Ned Carlson of CNCW Studios

LifelineComments: 3 Jump to movie

"Oh! My! Gosh! What a complex storyline! Oh! My! Gosh! This was an incredible movie! It was full of impossible-to-even-think-up ideas, and the audio! Oh man! That murderer's voice gave me the creeps. Whew! My friend and I were blown away by this. I enjoyed every second in it. Hey, it was a little gory, but you--well--it was SUCH a good movie! That was great! My gosh! Look, Mr. Director Sir, you did an awesome job. PLEASE! PLEASE COME OUT WITH A SEQUEL! OH YEAH! THE SEQUEL WOULD BE AWESOME! OH YEAH! OH YEAH! Well, to conclude my endless jabbering, I guess I could narrow everything down to one sentence: WATCH THIS FREAKING MOVIE!"
-Jeff Wilken of Futureworks Entertainment

"Not bad, considering it is very hard to make a scary horror film on 3DMM. I tried making a horror once… didn't work, stuck to Action/Sci-Fi. Oh yeah it was good. Download it!"
-MM Co.

"Lifeline was a very impressive movie. Altough it's a little outdated today, it still gives a good eerie feeling throughout the movie. The intense story, voice acting and suprising plot-twists make this movie a well provided piece of art."
-Jeroen van Eden of Paradise Pictures

The Lonely PlanetComments: 1 Jump to movie

"In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated movies in 3DMM! This movie is (I think) around 2-3 yeard old, it contains all hand made characters, the story is interesting and get this, the facial expression and animations of the characters are as good as anything I have ever seen! I just wish Moody would come out with the 2nd chapter, as this one is one of my favourite movies of all time."
-Tuna Hematoma of Inferno Productions

The Magic Taxi Cab Explores Outer SpaceComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Great movie. I hope another one comes out."
-Phil Harmonic

MissionComments: 6 Jump to movie

"This is a GREAT movie. Armed with a stunning storyline and incredable effects, Mission takes you into the world of King Doron and the human who fights alongside him. That is what I call a GREAT movie. Great Job, Jeff! Wishing you luck creating any sequels to the movie!"
-Venture Studios

"This is the best movie!!! I love it so much that if it was out on video or DVD I would buy it! I especially love the awesome music you made."
-JUV Pictures

"What symptom do I have if I require watching this movie at least once a day??? Is it Missionamonia?! What a well thought out story!!! HOW DID ANYBODY DO THIS? I just can hardly even wait for the sequel of this miraculous creation and work of true art to hit Dragon Films! The scenes, though not all manmade, were extremely...well...WHOA. This definitely is up there with the Hughes's movies, and...whoa. Hey, I think I like this one better!!! WOW! The colors, and the humor that King Doron uses so often, blended with amusing sarcasm, is mind-bogling! Ooh. It's getting late! Time to take the daily dose of MISSION!!!"
-Rainy Day Productions

"This was a realy funny movie. I loved watching it so much. I really can't wait for the sequel to come out! My brother also likes to watch it. He and I both love King Doron's voice. It sounds just like that green dude in Star Wars. How many movies are there gonna be? I don't want the guy to stop making them."
-Grandpa's Productions

"What a great movie. There is a lot of great-looking 3DMM work here, and I think it deserves the download. Great movies usually have these things: A great story, state-of-the-art graphics, and a motivating theme. Mission has all three, and holds them with great gusto. Well done!"
-Greg Strnad of Dragon Films

"Unbelievable!!! Omygosh Icanteven spell right I somuchwanna c it agin!!! Oboyoboy OH BOY!! Excellent!! The best!!! My favorite!! The mustic truly does blast your speakers off!! Watch this or miss out on the best ever 3DMM movie!! I can only wait to see what Jeff Wilken thinks up in later movies!! Excellent, mind-bending, truly excellent!! Awesome beyond imagination!!"
-Wave Productions

Mission: Impossible 5Comments: 1 Jump to movie

"I think this film has a lot of nice touches, in it's own little way. I think it deserves more credit then some might think."
-Michael Pearcey

Monster MadnessComments: 3 Jump to movie

"This movie is DA BEST!"

"This is a great movie download... see for youreself! It has a really cool warp scene at the end!"
-Cu Productions

"I know the guy who made this personally and quite frankly he can do much better. It was good for when this was made, but now it just does meet par."
-Lord Yobtar of Pyro Productions and Amazon Films

N.U.T.SComments: 10 Jump to movie

"WOW! Planet Productions comes through again with another stunning 3DMM masterpiece. The scenes are incredible, the theme is unique, and it is put together like a real movie. Whew, what a rush. I can't wait for future installments of the series."
-Greg Strnad of Dragon Films

"This is brilliant! Congratulations!"
-Tom Simpson of Tom Simpson Productions

"Absolutely fantastic! A brilliant piece of work, and astounding sets and characters!"
-JuiceBox Entertainment

"Whoo! I just finished watching N.U.T.S #1 and am completely in awe. The squirrel animations were really amazing! They animate just as well as a pre-made character in 3DMM! It almost looks like Redwampa coded a whole other program called Squirrel 3D Movie Maker, where you chose squirrels to use in your movies. The effects are that good! I know I'm raving here, just let me finish. Also, the camera movement was superb, the facial expressions were superb, the story was very well thought out, and everything else! Time for me to hop on down to the theater and download episode 2."
-Miles Dahl of M.E.S. Pictures

"Ummmmmmmmmmmm... I'm speechless... Well... IT IS AMAZING!! The time put into this film must have been enormous. Well done lads. SUPER!!"
-Piggot Films

"This series totally rocks! Redwampa comes through with great plot, great scenes, great everything! Nice job!"
-MM Co.

"So far these are great! We all know that it's very hard to keep a movie with handmade characters going! Redwampa is very skilled! These series are very well made! Yeah!"
-Bjorn Petersson

"N.U.T.S. has to be one of the most original, most well directed 3DMM movies ever. The animation is perfect, for one thing, but the director also sets moods perfectly with music and sound effects. This movie may never be topped. Wonderful job, Redwampa, and everyone else who contributed to the series."
-Moody Blues of The Moody Co.

"Fantastic movie! The graphics are fantastic and the story is amazing! The best movie I have ever seen!"
-Massimo Carlone of Massimox Films

"Wow... I mean just... wow... I LOVE IT! REDWAMPA RULEZ!!! NUTS is just SO amazing I mean... how much time did he put into this? This kind of movie would take me about 10 years! You rule Red keep up the good work man!"
-Dash of UFO Produckshuns

NEOMAN: The Power of OneComments: 1 Jump to movie

"I watch alot of movies using the demo of 3DMM. I am updating my PC to Windows XP soon so the demo won't work, so I am glad I saw this movie as it is the last time I'll see a movie in 3DMM. I am just sorry I wont get to see any further episodes. I definitly think it's at least 14/20, but anyway I am still sorry I won't see the Matrix Revelations because that looked good also. Well, anyway, goodbye Dragon Films."
-Jason Keano of None just have demo

Noo Noo + Doo DooComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Great, great and funny as hell films here…"

Pokemon BlueComments: 1 Jump to movie

"This movie is okay, the hand made stuff is really good, although the story is a little bit unoriginal, but still worth a try. A little funny in some parts, but still, okay."
-The E' Companee'

Poor Old SprogComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Very, very funny movie, especialy the ending. It was the same movie but instead sprog getting killed. Well done."
-Geoff of Beach pictures

Presumed GuiltyComments: 9 Jump to movie

"A plot that leaves suspense and equals out to be a good and enjoyable movie. Good job! :o)"
-Smiles Entertainment

"I thought that that series was very well crafted and very well thought out. That movie for me would go right up on the shelf of greats right up there with Action Joe, Adrew Neilson Superstar, etc."
-Tophat Productions

"I thought the Presumed Guilty series was one of the few movies out there that actually spent time developing character, plot, conflict... everything that a masterpiece should have. It's not like those other, shoot-em-up movies with lots of special effects that have no plot at all. It's a REAL movie. And I salute that."
-Greg Strnad of Dragon Films

"I love this movie. I watched the whole thing early one morning. I knew my brother had made it, but I never really watched it. Glad to be related to one heck of a filmaker! I hope all you bad movie makers out there (you know who you are) take notes, volumes of them in fact, when you watch this movie. You'll learn loads. This movie blows all your movies out of the water. This movie is a guiding light here in the 3D Movie Maker Community. I don't call it Presumed Guilty… I call it Movie Making, 101! Simply one of the best out there. But then, he's my brother."
-Hughes Twins Studios

"The best plot in a 3D movie ever. The director brought out the important parts of the story at the right time and the same with the humor."
-KTS Industries

"Damn! This is by far, the best movie/movie series that I've ever seen. The special effects are impressive, the story rules, the whole thing rocks. It should win an Oscar. Great job. My hat goes off to the creator."

"Tremendous...that's all I can say. Well, maybe I can say a little more... finally someone can show plot, I mean actual plot. The characters were amazing... I can believe that these people exist. I love the way that both Chris and Marc Hughes make movies. They are easily the best!!!"
-Tony Hunter

"Presumed Guilty combines a brilliant story line, wonderful construction, and excellent animation all into one great 3DMM movie."
-JuiceBox Entertainment

"This series was really good. It was slow paced but who cares? It's still a great movie which. Crime movie fans should check out! I loved the last one and I hope Chris carries on the good work. Well done Chris! My rating: 10/10"
-Geoff of Beach Pictures

Quantum NuggetComments: 1 Jump to movie

"This is a great movie. The construction is great, and the story is amazing. This is truly one of the best 3D Movies ever."
-Sam Movies

REDUXComments: 2 Jump to movie

"Wowzar! This is a brillant movie! Don't make a sequel; it would never compare to this."
-Thomas Gallagher of Gallagher Productions

-Thomas Gallagher of Gallagher Productions

RetrospectionComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Wow, great movie. Great story, great animation. Is there going to be more of this movie coming out? It was a pleasure watching."

Root PieComments: 6 Jump to movie

"Root Pie, I think, has got to be one of the biggest, funniest, and most outgoing 3DMM movies of 1999. It does, however, contain quite a bit of swearing, but that only emphasizes the mood. I look forward to seeing other Hughues Twins Studios movies in the future."
-Greg Strnad of Dragon Films

"I thought that Root Pie was a GREAT movie, even with all the swearing. The searing didn't bother me one bit, and I just turned 13! Definitely on the same level as MOS and LB2, and maybe even beyond. With a few changes, it could easily -EASILY- be a Hollywood movie. It would have been better if it had voices, though. And also, sometimes, the text color was too similar with the background, so I had to stop the movie and re-color the text."
-Death Knight

"WOW, I just watched the whole 2 1/2 hour movie. Not once but twice... I loved this movie, and saw no flaws at all, the swearing I thought was necessary to get across the characters, and I couldn't see the movie with voices. This is the best movie that I have ever seen (and I don't just mean 3DMM movies). I will now download every movie that I can find with the Hughes Twins label is on. They are AWESOME."
-Brock Landers

"Root Pie was THE BEST 3D Movie I have ever seen. One improvement the Hughes Twins could have made would be to 1) Add voices and 2) After that bleep out the cussing. Then that would be THE BEST overall movie I had ever seen, not just the best 3D Movie. I really thought it was really funny, but would have even been funnier if they bleeped out the cussing (then you could try to guess what the people were saying. LOL). But still, it was the funniest movie I have ever seen. ROOT PIE IS DA BOMB!"
-Miles Dahl of M.E.S. Pictures

"If you gave MOS a sweet rating, Root Pie is way (I mean WAY) off the charts. This movie was sweet! One of the first actually worth the download!"
-Smiles Entertainment

"One of the best 3D Movies I've ever seen. The swearing makes it look like a REAL movie. This whole movie looks like a real movie!!! The hand-made scenes are amazing. This movie is fun. It's a bit long for a 3D movie. Overall, EXCELLENT."
-E Pictures

Science vs. ReligionComments: 1 Jump to movie

"I love it! You should have a documentry section for this movie... it's intriguing, clever, and kick-a$$ funny! An instant download!"

Shit HappensComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Wow the animation could have been done better by a no-armed blind monkey but oh my gosh the plot rocks! The way all the characters come together is just awesome. This could easily be a real movie. Watch out Greg Strnad there's a new plot writer in town. 10/10... the worst animated movie with a perfect score."
-Tucker Hime of Rat eating studios

Silent KillerComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Yeah, great movie. You know what would have made it better...???? NOTHING!!! THIS MOVIE ROCKED! Well, maybe a better ending that wasn't so obvious... but still I loved your movie, and the same with my friend Santino Reynolds. Keep up the good work! Same goes for all you other movie makers! You all have talent! Silent Killer Rocks, and I reccomend it to everyone."
-Killerfish Studios

Spice GirlsComments: 5 Jump to movie

"I think this movie series digs deep into your mind and heart: a father's desperate attempt to save his only son, a cop's decision of action, a crazed Spice Girl raging terror on the city, an underlying secret revealed only at the end. Episode 3 was epsecially gripping and spectacular. This is another one of the few movie series out there that is truly marvelous."
-Greg Strnad of Dragon Films

"I'd like to congratulate the creator of this nifty series! Like the Presumed Guilty Series, it really is a true drama... and at the end, you know the characters almost like a long friend."
-Smiles Entertainment

"All I can say about the Spice Girls series (especially number 2) is: WOW! I mean, no one else has just made a movie sequel, they've just had multiple episodes, and this one is totally different. I especially liked the proffesional feel in the second one, it was just great!"
-Miles Dahl of M.E.S. Pictures

"For as cheesy as thease movies sounded, this was one of the best series I've ever seen, the first wasnt as great as the others though but still A GREAT JOB!"
-Jynxed Movies & Kinda Gued Produktshuns

"It's excellent to see that Planet Productions is trying for something different than just plain horror movies with just gore, gore and gore. It includes drama (there aren't many drama films) and comedy together. I would never think the Spice Girls would be in a horror movie. I like individualism. Congratulations Planet Productions!"
-Blake Trio of Redstone Productions

Star Trek: ExodusComments: 9 Jump to movie

"Star Trek: Exodus is another truly great movie. It doesn't have all of the stunning special effects that lots of the other movies have, but it has one of the strongest storylines and character development scheme I've ever seen, which most every other movie out there horribly lacks. If there were more movies like this out there…"
-Greg Strnad of Dragon Films

"The series is absolutley amazing and astounding. I congratulate both of them. Marc Hughes's Exodus just took the buscuit. LONG LIVE TREKKIES!!!"
-Farquharson Publishing

"I like the Exodus series because it has a good storyline."
-Jeroen van Eden of Paradise Pictures

"The most amazing series I have ever seen (or maybe a tie with Presumed Guilty). Marc is amazing at making 3D movies, and I wish that I could do things half as well as he can. I think that Marc and Chris Hughes are the best 3DMM directors around!"
-Tony Hunter

"I saw this series a while back and the first of the two movies was great. The second part should have beed cut in two or three. The first two parts were interesting and action packed and fun to watch. The second on the other hand was good but not so good. He should have continued to use the voices. The scenery was corny at some pionts, however I did however like the bridge."
-Jedi Magic Inc.

"ST: Exodus seems to play itself like an episode of TNG, and a complex one at that! Not bad. Part 2 was a lot funnier than the first! No, it isn't one of THOSE movies (hehe)! Catch the Star Wars jokes."
-Explosive Pictures

"My very inspriration for film making, but a little too mushy at the end."
-Itysir Films

"We at JuiceBox Entertainment think that the Exodus series puts all other Star Trek movies in second. The animation put into it is very difficult to make, and the plot lines are very detailed and accurate. A brilliant piece of work."
-JuiceBox Entertainment

"Wow! This series was AWESOME! I'm a huge Star Trek fan myself. The plotline progresses well. There's no asking yourself "Now why are they doing this?" or "Didn't they say to do that?" which you can find in a lot of movies. To sum it up, Star Trek Exodus is one of the best (and LONGEST :)) movies out there. WATCH IT!!! Live long and prosper."
-Will Martin

STTNGComments: 1 Jump to movie

"This was pretty good. Despite the poorly animated Enterprise-D, the style of the storyline still manages to recreate the STTNG atmosphere. One of the best text-only (with Majel Barrett Roddenberry as the computer) series around. Good going, JuiceBox!"
-Chris Palmer

STTNG: The Lost EpisodeComments: 1 Jump to movie

"Good use of real characters' voices. Quite funny in parts. Good Job."
-Ryan Martin

Tellug's CrystalComments: 2 Jump to movie

"I really must admit that this movie has an incredible storyline. Wow. That is all I can say. The scene where Leo is falling down and down, and his life is flashing through his eyes, really went ka-blooey! I loved it! GREAT!!!! That part was just so sad, how Tellug is the only handhold of friendship that he can cling onto, but is slowly sliding away into the depths of death. This is such an incredible movie! So professional! So unique in its own way!"

"STORYLINE! This movie is VERY worth watching, because you won't be able to sit still until you've seen as much of it as possible. Also, there are a bunch of nicely created scenes and monsters (A moogle? A Sea Serpent? A world map? Wow!). And some pleasant eye-candy. A great movie!"
-Cool Kid of Cool Kid Productions

TimespannersComments: 1 Jump to movie

"This movie was intriguing, the intricate plot engaging, and the characters greatly enjoyable. This movie was wonderful all around, with incredible concepts and great special effects."
-Price Williams of Hyperbole Productions

Two Stupid JerksComments: 2 Jump to movie

"This is an amazing film. I have now watched it over 15 times! And every time I laugh right the way through! This is the most funny 3DMM film I have ever seen. I am so proud to be doing voices in their 4th episode, and hope Josh and Shaun keep up the good work in all of the upcoming episodes."
-Tommy Pollock of M.A.T Productions

"This was very funny! I loved it! I loved every episode of it! This is on of the best comedies found on Dragon Films in my opinon. Download for a laugh! My rating 10/10 "
-Geoff of Beach

UprisingComments: 3 Jump to movie

"Wow! Aaron Haynes has come up with another great fantasy movie, and it's only the first episode! I can't wait for number 2…"
-Daemon Productions

"This was a great movie that I really enjoyed watching. I only wish I could have been there when you made it to tell you how cool a certain part was or to congratulate you when you accomplished a hard scene. I am looking forward to watching Uprising 2."
-James Lindsey

"Utterly amazing! I've seen all the films Aaron has done for Dragon Films and they're all great. I've been fortunate enough to get in touch with Aaron, and I've seen screens from Uprising 2 that are absolutely AMAZING! I'm also honored to have Aaron voice acting for me in my "debut" film. I know that he will keep up the good work, and I hope that Uprising 2 is finished soon!"
-Mike Pope of Griffon Studios

Videogame NightmareComments: 9 Jump to movie

"I really, really thought this was a fun movie to watch!! You never know what videogame they will step into next, and it's filled with comedy and action! This is an excellent movie, and I would recommend it to all those videogame fanatics. I really think the director, (whatever his name was! I FORGOT!) should make another movie like this, maybe a sequel, with all new games and different surprises! YEAH!! I CAN SEE IT ALL!!!"
-Jeff Wilken of Futureworks Entertainment

"This was a really funny film. I really liked the slapstick comedy aspects, even though it still maintained a serious and not too cartoony feel. I watch it every day (I really do), and I think you should make a sequel with new games."
-Miles Dahl of M.E.S. Pictures

"Hold on a moment, let me stop laughing to type something. *Phew* I've stopped for the time being, untill I watch it again. I have NEVER seen a funnier 3D movie. (Ifrit...Knights of the Round... Moron!) It's a little gory, but extremely funny anyway. Well worth the download."
-Cool Kid of Cool Kid Productions

"Videogame Nightmare is one of the funniest comedy movies I have seen second to Pokegay by Greg Niecestro. The humor is well thought out and is hard to equal. I am looking forward to a sequel."
-Jaymak Studios

"This movie was the best! Throughout the movie, I kept cracking up! Dang, the director should make a sequel with the same people but new games and stuff."
-The E' Companee'

"This was a fab film. The scenes were excellent and it made me laugh. This is very well put together and the storyline is great. I recommend that you download it."
-Piggot Films

"It was really cool and I really liked it!"
-Gamers' Dome

"This literally CRACKED ME UP! Seriously funny, and very creative!"
-MM Co.

"I fell to the floor cracking up. Good job, Mike and Justin! I can't wait to see VGN2, and I hope to see you on 3DMM bulletin board!"
-Ryan Omega of Omega Films

VlarionComments: 9 Jump to movie

"Vlarion is, by far, the best fantasy film I have ever seen in my life. The animation is superb, the storyline is completely and utterly enthralling, and the suspense never ends until the awesome conclusion. The graphics are beyond excellent, the animation is tops... everything good about fantasy movies comes together in this swashbuckling epic tale. Well done, Aaron!"
-Greg Strnad of Dragon Films

"I've seen another Aaron Haynes movie called "Death of a Loser" and it was excellent. So when I saw Aaron made a fantasy series I wanted to see it. It is superb, better than "Death of a Loser" even! The graphics are great, the storyline is outstanding, and I get a kick out of these sort of 3DMM movies. Way to go, Aaron!"
-Blake Trio of Redstone Productions

"OH. MY. GOSH. This is the first movie I've watched in a few months, and this is the best series I have seen in my life (made on 3DMM). There were so many special effects, and the... heck it was awesome! When I read Greg's review, I thought, "Oh, it should be easy not to watch more than one a day. But it was too hard. I HAD to see the whole thing (until my mom intervened). So I watched two episodes yesterday and two today and it was INCREDIBLE. Better than anything I've ever seen."
-Ben Davenport

"This is the best 3DMM movie series I've ever seen in a whole life of 13 years. Thanks to you Aaron, I finnally have the inspiration and knowledge to make my dream movie. Vlarion rules."
-Hardedge of No Productions

"This is, without a doubt, the best movie of all time. It looks excellent, sounds excellent, and has such a great story it makes you semi-unable to stop watching the rest (but it's a better idea to sit and digest what you just saw before watching the rest). This movie simply blows away all other competition, including Final Fantasy 8, which up to now I thought was impossible. If you even half-way care about 3D movies, watch this!"
-Cool Kid of Cool Kid Productions

"Aaron, you've already heard my comment on this movie, but I'll say it to everyone who reads them. I stood by you the entire way, and I was always there to give you an "Awesome" or "Man that was cool!" But now that you've gotten it posted and you're moving on to your next series, I hope it comes out just as good if not better!! Good luck, man."
-Tony Kania of Pandora Productions

"WOW!!! THIS IS GREAT!!! This has the best animation I've seen for AGES. AWESOME!!!"
-Acme Films

"A really excellent movie series. I watch it almost every day."
-Daemon Productions

"I think the Vlarion series is incredeble!! I loved how the battles are all put together. I think the construction is wonderful. It has a great story line, and the characters are so cool. I like Trevor. He is my favorite."
-Qualix Films

Who's the Director Anyway?Comments: 1 Jump to movie

"Excelent series! 10, 11, and 12 are probably the funniest! I also love how they make them! Me and my friend tried that out, but it was more retarded than funny. Anyway, back to Who's the Director Anyway, it's GREAT!"
-Marc of Videoman Studios

The X-TeamComments: 1 Jump to movie

"This is a very thought out series. The first film is ok, but doesn't use any custom made scenes. After that, the films get better and better with a really cool storyline. I e-mailed him and he said that his next movie was The X-Team VI - The Final Encounter which I am really looking forward to. I really recommend the X-Team series for your downloads. Well done Dan."
-James Green

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