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The links found on this page connect to other 3D Movie Maker sites and other webpages on the Internet. 3DMM theater sites are analyzed by "The Good", "The Bad", and "The Bottom Line". Other sites are listed with a brief description of what they are about.

3DMM Bulliten Board3DMM Theater: http://www.3dmm.com Visit 3DMM Bulliten Board
The Good: 3dmm.com is the 3DMM Community Bulliten Board, the place where nearly every 3DMMer comes to chat. The board is always active, and there's always something to find on it... whether it is in any way related to 3DMM or not. Sometimes you'll find posts about a person's latest movie, while at other times you'll find a post about why "face" is such a funny word.
The Bad: As you may guess, this board can quickly fill up with very raunchy or hateful posts. Sometimes there are obscene images on it, and it's rare that you won't find a post that is bashing a newbie upwards, downwards, backwards, and sideways into a bloody pulp. It can be a very dangerous place at times, especially if you start off on the wrong foot.
The Bottom Line: Be sure to visit 3dmm.com to stay up-to-date with everything that's going on in the 3DMM world. Just watch your back.

3dmm Studio3DMM Theater: http://www.3dmmstudio.co.uk Visit 3dmm Studio
The Good: 3DMM Studio is a nice, clean site, complete with lots of movies, reviews, and other standard 3DMM website options. You can also find the most up-to-date utilities for 3DMM in the Utilities section. Of particular interest is the fact that you can download the full versions of 3DMM and N3DMM from the site, which is very useful for people who do not have the programs.
The Bad: You cannot click on movies on the "Movie Archive" page; instead, you have to click on the letters on the top, then browse through to find the movie you want. I'd think it would be a lot easier to find what you're looking for if you could simply point and click, but maybe that's just me.
The Bottom Line: This site has gone through quite a bit, and I think now it has reached a strong stage of quality and content. There are a lot of people working on the site, and it definitely shows. Recommended.

3dmm.us3DMM Theater: http://3dmm.us Visit 3dmm.us
The Good: 3dmm.us is a sleek, intelligent site that has this scary ability to know more about itself (and you) than most other sites out there do. The design is easy on the eyes, the reviewing system is very detailed and complete, and there are plenty of other things to do on the site.
The Bad: The site often seems to have server problems, and oftentimes when I try to access certain menu options I get errors that prohibit me from checking places out, sort of like how several menu options at 3dmm.com handily don't function.
The Bottom Line: While it is small now, this site has a LOT of potential. Its design is way up there, and from what I can tell its expandability is pretty much limitless. Recommened.

A3dstudios3DMM Theater: http://www.a3dstudios.co.uk Visit A3dstudios
The Good: Nice, fresh, new site with a lot of charge. Some good tutorials.
The Bad: Rather simplistic layout, most recent update is at the bottom of the list (instead of the top).
The Bottom Line: If you're looking for some 3DMM tutorials, check out this site. While you're at it, send in your own and watch it grow!

CNCW StudiosMovie Site: http://www.geocities.com/cncwstudios Visit CNCW Studios
Description: CNCW Studios is all about perfecting "Short and Sweet". Their movies are some of the rare ones that are both wholehearted good humor and fun to watch. Nothing questionable, nothing dumb... it's just quality. I recommend you check out their movies.

Explode Productions3DMM Theater: http://www.explodeproductions.com Visit Explode Productions
The Good: Explode Productions has loads of movies, updates often, and has a lot of community-based information for you. Additionally, you can find lots of useful utilities, tips, tutorials, and other nifty 3DMM things.
The Bad: While there are lots of movies up for download, many of them have no review, so you don't really know what kind of can of worms you're opening up when you download the movie. And while the site design is not exactly a treat to look at, it's not a complete eyesore either.
The Bottom Line: This site is rock-solid all the way around. I highly recommend it.

Gallagher ProductionsMovie Site: http://gallagherproductions.cjb.net Visit Gallagher Productions
Description: This is a rather new site that contains all the movies made by Thomas Gallagher. It has a pretty nifty layout ("Matrix Vision"), though aside from the movies and a competition or two not much else. Check it out if you're interested in NEOMAN or any other movies by Gallagher Productions. For more information specifically about the NEOMAN movies, you can go to thepowerofneoman.cjb.net.

Prairie Dawg ProductionsMovie Site: http://prairiedawg3mm.tripod.com/ Visit Prairie Dawg Productions
Description: This is a little site that houses movies made by Prarie Dawg Productions. Its layout is kind of weird (it's smooshed into a tiny box), but the quality music looping in the background makes up for that, in my opinion. You can also send in your own movies to the site if you'd like to. All in all, a decent site with a good purpose.

Punk ProductionsOther Link: http://www.punkproductions.cjb.net Visit Punk Productions
Description: This is a site for everything made by Punk Productions, from 3DMM movies to games to… well, whatever. Clean site layout, spiffy (but long) page transitions, and some rather funny tidbits here and there. I'm sure we'll see more quality stuff from Mr. Mong in the future.

Tunafilms.caMovie Site: http://www.tunafilms.ca Visit Tunafilms.ca
Description: Tuna Films is a great site. End of story. Well, I suppose I could elaborate a bit. Basically, what you have here is a website that houses movies made by some rather notable directors (namely, Tuna, Qaz, Peacock, Justin Wawrzonek, and Mike Belfance), along with reviews, screenshots, and loads of other great stuff. Plus, there is a section for reviews of other movies out there not necessarily made by Tuna Films. If I had to complain about anything, I'd say there are some visual and navigational oddities that mess with my mind. First of all, screenshots are simply resized, not resampled, which makes them look extremely pixelated and contain lots of jaggies. Secondly, it's nearly impossible to tell what text is a hyperlink and what is not, for everything is the same color. Different colored hyperlinks or a rollover style would be greatly appreciated. This is a great example of a 3DMM page with a "personal" touch to it, something that many sites lack (including Dragon Films). Don't expect to find a million movies there, but do expect to find a good deal of very high-quality comedy films from a group of very funny guys. Highly recommended.

Videoman StudiosOther Link: http://marckal.proboards29.com Visit Videoman Studios
Description: This is a bulliten board for Videoman Studios. Harry Potter, Steel Angel Kumuri, and other RPGs are the main discussion topics.

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