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Do you need some help with your movie? How about 3DMM website design tips? Or perhaps you would like to offer your expertise to others. Here you can post a "clasified ad" like you would see in the local newspaper to get others to see your requests or offers.

Placed by Videoman on 5/21/2004
I need some voice actors. Please contact my e-mail address for more details.

Placed by Tucker Hime on 3/25/2004
Hey s'up it's Tucker Hime. Does anyone want to make a chain movie with me? If so, get at least 4 other people and e-mail me at Courttuck8793@Juno.com. Include your name and a movie you've directed (I would like a talented person). If you haven't got a movie on the site(like me) then send me your work. Oh yeah, I'm a good voice actor too so if you want me to do that just e-mail me.

Placed by Dash on 3/15/2004
I need 2 male voice actors and 1 female please!

Placed by Gallagher Productions on 3/3/2004
If you enjoy the Neoman Series then you can now play the game at the offical website, http://www.thepowerofneoman.cjb.net.

Placed by Jack Playle on 1/28/2004
I'll do voice acting for you guys if you need a child's voice!

Placed by Thomas Gallagher on 1/19/2004
I need movie ideas for NEOMAN the Power of the One episodes 4 to 5. Download episodes one to three right here at Dragon Films and e-mail me with ideas, which must include a Neoman lookalike and Agent Smiff. Please reply. Gallagher Productions needs your help, plus your name will be metioned in the credits!

Placed by Gallagher Productions on 11/20/2003
I need handmade scenes! Reply if you can make scenes for a chemical plant from different angles. I also need a high tech computer room from different angles. Thanks people.

Placed by Jonny Anson on 11/14/2003
Hey everyone, Jonny Anson here, offering you all a chance to break into voice acting. Instant Action Chapter 1 is coming soon as Joey Cosmos slowly churns out scene by scene, so I'm here to post up a chance to be a voice actor for the film. Just e-mail me and I'll chat with Joey and see what we can come up with. And oh, be sure and send me a voice sample (make sure it's not over 6 megabytes; my Juno account can only handle 6 megs).

Placed by Mr. Mong on 11/11/2003
If anyone needs any decent music for a movie I'll get you some, wav or MIDI; or send me an MP3 and I'll convert it for you.

Placed by Mattco Productions on 10/7/2003
I want to make a really really really big horror movie. I really need help with scripting and voices. Please help me!!

Placed by Halloween Bunny Films on 10/2/2003
Hi, I need someone to do voices for a movie. I need funny voices; I like to make Monty Python style movies. I'd also be glad to do voices for your movies. Please e-mail me!

Placed by Massimo Carlone on 10/1/2003
Hi. I'm Massimo from Massimox Films. I am fused whith Blasterhister films. We need hilarious voices (like laughing and farts).

Placed by Patmaster on 9/20/2003
I'm making a Christmas movie and it would be very helpful if I can get help with animation and script supervision. And I need voice actors too. Please respond to this if you are interested.

Placed by Mike Storch on 9/4/2003
Female voice actors needed (desperately). I do not want any guys pretending to be female, unless you think you can sound genuine. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Placed by Mason.Works Entertainment on 8/24/03
Greetings everyone. Will Mason from Mason.Works Entertainment here. In the past I have written many short stories about the fictional fantasy land of Centonia, and am currently putting the final touches to a 3D Movie Maker version called; The Seven Tales of Centonia. I am not totally pleased with it and so that's where you come in. I would different directors to make five out of the seven tales, so each one has a distinct and individual feel. If you're interested contact me for more information (NOTE: Please set the subject as 'Seven Tales Info' otherwise I may miss your message). Thank you.

Placed by Anti-Friction Films on 8/24/03
I need help with ideas for a movie. I'm a newbie and I just started with this program so I need some help with things. Please e-mail me if you're nice enough to help!

Placed by N.J.H Productions on 8/24/03
Hi I'm Nick from N.J.H Productions. I'm looking for someone to team up with me on an action movie. I can never finish a movie any more and working with someone would really help! So reply to heasman@exmouth.eclipse.co.uk if you want to.

Placed by Will Slade/ Spiral Pictures on 8/24/03
Hi, I'm making a fantasy series based on a fantasy game via e-mail, 'Naralia Quest'. I've joined up with KJC Games (the owners of the game) but haven't started the movie yet beacuse they don't reply to their damn e-mails for ages!! Anyway, what I need are voices for the characters that are gonna be in the first episode, I don't know who they are so I can't give you any specific details, but if you're a good voice actor for a fantasy movie, e-mail me! By the way, do any of you out there have a good piece of music or sound effect that you wanna put into 3DMM, but it's an MP3 file, not a wave file? Well, send the file over to me on an e-mail and I can fully convert it to a wave file for ya, in good quality too! I've got this converter programme that can do that... well, I hope to get some e-mails, and look forward to "Naralia Quest- Ep.1"!! See ya.

Placed by Sorcerer Productions on 8/24/03
I'm somewhat of a newbie, even though I've been interacting with the community for a good two years now. I need voices, and scenery. It would be good if someone who knew how to do 'bullet-time' and blood effects responded to this.

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